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When Ed Perry approached me to speak to him on the RunAlive Podcast around this time last year, I was intrigued. Ed is an outstanding runner and a good friend who my wife has known for years, and whom I first met at the Chicago Marathon in 2018. He is also a very intelligent guy so I knew this project would be a very interesting one.

He is the epitome of resilience. My most vivid early memory of Ed is his positivity amid deep disappointment when we sat together a few moments after he had clocked 3:00:01 at the 2019 London Marathon – I say disappointment contextually given that it is still a time that most would not even dream of.

He has, since then, smashed the 3-hour barrier by some considerable distance and is a high-class amateur athlete.

It was, therefore, no surprise that we focused on resilience and problem solving as we discussed ideas for the episode.

We recorded this in April 2023, a few days after Brighton Marathon, my comeback after a 2022 ravaged by injury. I didn’t dream, then, of the crazy journey on which I would embark in the months ahead. My mission was simply to have fun and embrace the riches of running. That attitude is exactly what has launched me on the unlikely road towards 100 marathons.

We speak candidly about my mental health journey and of working through a relationship with running which had turned toxic. We explored, therein, the true essence of resilience. That is, for me, how we can find new perspectives and reframe the challenges we encounter in life.

I hope you enjoy. This is one of the most enjoyable podcasts I’ve done and it was a joy to speak with Ed and Gary.

The RunAlive Podcast

RunAlive is more than just a running podcast. I genuinely think it is one of the best of it type out there right now. Ed and his co-host, Gary Armstrong, are both super bright and insightful guys. The premise of the podcast is to bring to life what running allows us to do in the rest of our lives. Their guests, from amateur to champion, reveal what they have learnt on their running journeys and how it has altered their day to day lives.

How to Listen

Click the image above to go to the RunAlive website. Here you can find some brilliant chats with some inspiring guests.

You can find a number of podcasts and interviews which I’ve done on the media and podcasts page.

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