Podcast: Trapeze HR Face-2-Face

So strictly speaking, this isn’t a podcast, it’s a video interview which befits the name Face-2-Face. Trapeze HR are a boutique and highly recommended (by me) HR search firm. I secured my current role through them, so I was very humbled when Harriet suggested a chat on their Face-2-Face series.

The series is a resource for HR leaders and professionals but this particular episode definitely reaches a wider target audience. The discussion definitely lends itself to workplace wellbeing strategies and ideas. However, the emphasis was on sharing my own experiences of mental ill health and workplace burnout, before considering how we can support family, friends and colleagues.

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Please be mindful that there are references to Suicide and Mental Ill Health, so please consider your own wellbeing before listening.

Trapeze HR

Trapeze HR are Jane and Harriet, two outstanding recruiters and, more importantly, highly skilled HR and Talent Acquisition professionals. As an HR Director, I find this level of empathy and knowledge is critical and often not present. This is true both as a candidate and client.

They led the search for my current employer last year and my candidate experience with them was first class from start to finish.

They are both highly engaged and engaging, and I will always look forward to any opportunities to work with them. Trapeze HR shows an interest which goes beyond their revenue targets. They have the rare quality of really wanting to support and be at the heartbeat of the senior HR community.

Their resource hub hosts a library of webinar recordings on people topics. This includes recorded Face 2 Face conversations with members of their community, as well as a folder of their monthly Take 5 newsletters.

How to Watch

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