The Nervous Nineties? Or a Simple Run to 100 Marathons?

I want this to be a quick post. I thought I’d start by saying I’d run it as quickly as I’d run a marathon but soon figured that I don’t want to be writing for 3 hours! So let’s just stick with quick post. And the purpose of said quick post is to reveal the last six marathons on my road to completing 100 marathons. No nervous nineties for me; in cricketing terms, we’re going to hit this out of the park.

Marathon Number One – London Marathon 2014

I entered a marathon this morning. Shock, horror, nothing to see here, hardly an earth shattering surprise!! However, there is significance therein. It completed my roadmap to June 1st, the day on which I plan to run marathon number 100.

Incidentally, it also happens to be on 13th April, which will be the tenth anniversary of three significant moments:-

  • The day Phil Coutinho sent the Kop wild (and yes, I’m well aware that Stevie G fell over a few weeks later!)
  • The day I met one of my now closest friends, Adam
  • The day I ran marathon number one, the London Marathon, on 13 April 2014

I certainly didn’t plan to run a second at that stage, even if I openly admit to sleeping with my medal on my pillow that night. And I certainly didn’t plan to get to 100 when I was out for a year with injury in 2022. At that point, I doubted, I’d reach 51 but here we are with life having had other plans.

The Last Few Miles

In running terms, it is the last few miles. As someone from cricketing stock, it’s being within one hit of glory. Either way now, it’s tantalisingly close. Now that’s it’s finalised after a few family issues in February and March, I can reveal the final six events on the race to 100.

  • 95 – Magna Carta Spring Marathon – Runnymede, Surrey – 13 April
  • 96 – TCS London Marathon – London – 21 April
  • 97 – Phoenix Choo Choo Friday Run – Elmbridge, Surrey – 3 May
  • 98 – Phoenix May The Fourth Be With You Run – Elmbridge, Surrey – 4 May
  • 99 – Exeter Live Better Marathon – Exeter, Devon – 12 May
  • 100 – Phoenix Run With The Ro – Elmbridge, Surrey – 1 June

PS – you can find a write-up of number 94 here.

Run With The Ro

It goes without saying that I’d love to see you at any point on the journey, but I’d especially love to see you on 1 June. Whether you come down to Elmbridge for a run or simply for a lovely walk along the Thames Path, whether you come to cheer me on the towpath or say cheers at the bar, you’re more than welcome.

The beauty of Phoenix Running events is the ethos. Whether you’re a complete novice or Eliud Kipchoge, you are celebrated.

From 5km to 10k, half to marathon to ultra, you can complete as many, or as few, laps as you like of a 5.3km (3.28 miles) out and back, course along the beautiful river Thames. They really do welcome all abilities of runner – complete one lap and you’re both a finisher and a winner in their eyes, or keep going and see how far you can get in the full 7 hour time limit.

It’s inclusive, it’s fun and it’s good for you!! However, it’s also a great place for a leisurely stroll or to sit and watch the world go by!

If you fancy walking or running your way to an extra-special Phoenix Running medal, you can enter here.

The event will start and finish outside The Weir Hotel on the Thames Path near Walton-on-Thames.

Of course, you don’t need to wait until June 1st to join either me of Phoenix for a run. I can’t speak highly enough of Rik and his team at Phoenix Running nor of the wonderful friendships I’ve cultivated with fellow runners. They represent everything special about the sport and its community and there is truly a place for everyone there. 34 of my marathons, to date, have been run there with many to follow.

So whether it’s to raise the bat with me on the milestone run or to get yourself out for the first or hundredth time, I can’t wait to share a smile and a mile with you.

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