"And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith."
Hebrews 12: 1-2

Wembley Stadium, May 2019, representing Mind on Sky News for the #OnYourSide campaign


to Run with Perseverance. This is a space where I will openly speak about my own race, one which has known the deepest joy and searing pain.

Running is a great analogy for life itself, but the name of the site comes from something much deeper. The bible verse quoted above, in so many ways, reflects everything I am and aspire to.

The darkest moments of my race encompassed 15 years living with serious mental illness which led to being homeless and 3 suicide attempts.

However those moments prepared me for a life in which I can give to others through fundraising and awareness raising. In the same way, it is the dark, cold mornings which have allowed me to run over 30 marathons, a life transforming journey in itself.

Welcome to my life. Whatever your circumstances, I hope you will be inspired to persevere both through joy and challenges alike.

This short film was made by Streatham Central Church in 2017. I hope it gives insight into who I am and the significance of Hebrews 12 in my life.

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Transformed by Grace

It has never been lost on me that God revealed His glory to me on Epiphany. Every year on 6 January, I can reflect on His grace which transformed a life that had been destroyed by mental illness.

Liverpool Football Club: One Love, Thirty Long Years

30 long years, but the end is in sight. Here I remember 1990 and a life supporting Liverpool Football Club and a deep attachment to the city.

Burnout and depression: and the road back

As I ran through New York, I should have known it wasn't just injury. I was exhausted to the point of burnout and depression was eating me inside and out.

A Twenty 20 Vision

Last year's New York Marathon seemed a bridge too far. At a time when I've been far from my best physically and, admittedly, mentally at times, 20 in 2020 is a challenge to reenergise and invigorate me.

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This year, I am taking on the challenge of running 20 marathons to raise money for 4 brilliant charities:

  • Mind
  • Football Beyond Borders
  • The Running Charity
  • Heads Together

You can find out more about the campaign here and can donate at


Below I'll post a photo from each one... but for now just a few blasts from the very recent and very distant past. Can you tell #1 from #36?