to Run with Perseverance. I hope you’ll find the content both encouraging and uplifting.

I definitely don’t like to put ‘myself in a box’ as a person and, similarly, it is very difficult to put this website into a box.

I am a husband, son, friend, mental health campaigner, charity trustee, global HR Director and sports geek, so do expect an eclectic mix of content.

I have been homeless and penniless, lived with mental illness, had a criminal record, attempted to end my own life. Were I not an actor in my story, I may not believe it but for one thing.

That one thing is the author,Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of faith, through whom I have hope in even the darkest moments.

As a marathon runner, I see running as a great analogy for life and the bible passage below, from the Book of Hebrews, reflect much of who I am and aspire to.


The darkest moments of my race encompassed 15 years living with serious mental illness, ultimately leading to 3 suicide attempts.

However, it is those moments which have prepared me for a life in which I can give to others as an award-winning mental health campaigner and speaker. In the same way, it is the dark, cold mornings which have allowed me to run 50 marathons, a life transforming journey in itself.

Welcome to my life. Whatever your circumstances, I hope you will be inspired to persevere both through joy and challenges alike.

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Reflections on 2022

December 30, 2022

Reflections on 2022

Turning to reflections on 2022, I am met by a chaotic and eclectic fusion of triumph and disaster. Using Kipling's "If" as a guideline, I look back at the year here.

Humanity over misogyny, love over hatred

March 10, 2021

Humanity over misogyny, love over hatred

Why humanity must be bigger than misogyny and how the words of Piers Morgan sparked an issue much deeper than the Royal Family or mental health.

From Kirkstall to Keyboard: the stain of racism

May 3, 2021

From Kirkstall to Keyboard: the stain of racism

Written on a weekend in May 2021, when sport "blacked-out" social media, I reflected on my experience of the stain of racism in sport, from Kirkstall to Keyboard.

Burnout, depression and the road back

February 18, 2020

Burnout, depression and the road back

As I ran through New York (in November 2019), I should have known it wasn't just injury. I was exhausted to the point of burnout and depression was eating me inside and out.

Stevie G, Football, Bipolar & Me

January 20, 2020

Stevie G, Football, Bipolar & Me

It will always the Gerrard Final, but for me it was much more. Football has been a huge part of my recovery from Bipolar and it started with Stevie G.

Transformed by Grace

January 6, 2019

Transformed by Grace

It was Epiphany 2006, the day when my life was truly transformed by grace, God's grace which has resurrected me from the depths of suicide and mental illness.

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An insight into Running with Perseverance

This short film, above, was made by Streatham Central Church in 2017 and gives a deep insight into who I am and my journey to the page you have reached today