Election to the Board of Trustees at Mind

I am privileged to, finally, be able to share that I have been elected to the Board of Trustees at Mind, the mental health charity. I say finally because the election was held a few month ago but I have had to keep this one to myself until now! It has been an incredible journey through the last fifteen years, step by step alongside an organisation who did so very much for me at a time when my life had been stripped of energy, dignity and hope.

Elected to the Board of Trustees at Mind
A rarity for me. Not a selfie and neither in Liverpool nor running attire!

Last Thursday (9th December 2021), I had the pleasure of attending my first board meeting. I was one of three new kids in school but have very quickly been empowered to have a voice.

The fifteen years since that moment when I attempted to take my life for the final time seems both like another lifetime and yesterday in the same breath.

Whether through running and fundraising, media campaigns, or speaking within the workplace, I’ve always tried to be a role model, to show that there is hope, that there remains opportunity beyond mental illness. However, I speak from a position of privilege both societally and in terms of my wellbeing.

The system is stacked with inequity and prejudice, and it is really exciting to be joining the Board to support the organisation in embedding a new strategy, with development priorities to become a truly anti-racist organisation, support young people and fight for the mental health of those in poverty.

I’ve supported with my legs and voice. My deep faith tells me that God uses every moment of our journey, and I now have the opportunity to use the skills I have developed in my career to help the organisation which saved my life, to continue its success, to make that success truly sustainable.

For that, I am truly humbled.

Rohan Kallicharan

Rohan is an award-winning mental health campaigner and speaker with lived experience of mental illness. He has been involved in a number of high-profile campaigns to raise awareness and break down the stigma around mental ill-health. He is a sub-3 hour marathon runner, HR Director and husband to Claire.