#21in2021 Journal: Seven Up, One Down

An update on this year’s running and fundraising campaign is very long overdue!! In the last #21in2021 Journal, back in early May, the year had a stop stop feel to it… out of three events, I’d not started two and I’d not finished the other! Whilst there have been significantly challenging life events in the six or so weeks since, the great news is that I have managed to clock up one additional DID NOT FINISH (oops!) but, most importantly, seven successful marathings!

Seven Up

It’s been great spending time down on the Thames Path with Rik and the fabulous crew from Phoenix Running and it is that group that have kept me uplifted so often through a pretty difficult period. Running is always great freedom from life’s challenges and the ultimate liberation has been running within myself and developing great relationships along the way.

There are too many to mention but I would particularly like to call out Annabel C, Nigel E, Liz R, Amy L, David H and Rachael R for being superstars. On days when I’ve had a smile, they’ve added to it; on others when I barely felt able to face anything, they have lifted me.

There is an ethos in the running community of really supporting others and it is more prevalent at Rik’s events than anywhere else.

The seven successful finishes have included my first two in two days on May 15th and 16th, followed by my first three in three days, between May 23rd and 25th. The very sad forerunner to the latter was the passing of my mother-in-law in the days beforehand; she was determined that I should run and I hope I have honoured her.

Since then, I have completed two more Phoenix events, firstly on 13th and then on 19th June.

You can see the full list here.

One Down

At the time of writing, Tuesday 22 June, I felt a more than insignificant amount of discomfort in my right calf on this morning’s run; certainly more than I’d expect from just tightness.

I’m hoping that it is no more than that and will be resting, rolling and massaging in the hope of being fit for Sunday’s North Devon Marathon.

It’s one I’ve been looking forward to for several months and is ranked as the sixth toughest in the UK, with 1,062 metres of climbing along the coastal path.

Watch my social media for updates.

Huge Thanks

I’d like to say a huge thanks for everyone who has donated. The fundraising page is here for anyone who wishes to. Thank you also for the love and support to my wife and I during recent weeks, which is so appreciated.

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