🔥Real Madrid plan to make an offer of Eden Hazard + money to Liverpool for Mo Salah.

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All the Ronaldo’s and shirt sales in the world won’t save you from a tactically inept manager and a porous back 7/8.

They may well get a result against us next week, they’ll be nowhere near the top three in May.

Whatever he wants, give it to him! Even in a team of stars, he is on another planet.

Put it this way, if he was at another club, we’d not be thinking it possible that we could sign him so we need to do EVERYTHING to keep him #LFC

Here’s an #LFC team back from a busy international break, missing Thiago, Fab (& Curt) in midfield & Watford have been so passive.

We’ve been outstanding but they’ve allowed us to be.

Joel Matip’s body shape is consistently brilliant. Unbelievable how often he is able to shield and then play the ball in the other direction all in the same movement, consistently creating space for Liverpool to launch #LFC

Even in a game in which they’ve been outclassed, clear that Sarr is some player. Clearly has his admirers at #LFC, would love to see it that interest develops further in the future.