Podcast: 40 Minute Mentor – December 2020

It struck me, recently, that I contribute to so much content, in the wellbeing and mental health space, often without sharing it with you. Of course, much of my work will be behind closed doors, speaking to companies as part of their own wellbeing initiatives. However, there are also publicly available snippets and, among those, is a recent podcast that I did as part of the 40 Minute Mentor series.

The 40 Minute Mentor is a series curated by James Mitra of JBM Consulting in which he speaks to entrepreneurs and business leaders on a wide range of subjects.

Mental health is, inevitably, high on the agenda at the moment, and I was delighted to be part of a stellar panel with Carrie Carlisle and Sophie Scott. If the purpose was to bring some shared experience of the impact of mental illness, then the episode did that and much more.

I won’t say too much other than to say that I hope you are able to take 40 minutes to listen to what was a very raw, powerful and, hopefully, impactful conversation around mental health and wellbeing. It doesn’t hide from the difficult conversations, such as suicide, but it also offers very practical insight and advice as to how we can look out for our own wellbeing and support others, something so important right now.

The only clues I’ll happily give are some of the brilliant takeaways from the session framed expertly by the incredibly talented Katerina Balakina in the image below.

You can download the show and subscribe to the 40 Minute Mentor below. Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and I will be sure to share with James and the panel.




You will also be able to see more podcasts and interviews appearing on the about me page over the coming weeks and months.

Rohan Kallicharan

Rohan is an award-winning mental health campaigner and speaker with lived experience of mental illness. He has been involved in a number of high-profile campaigns to raise awareness and break down the stigma around mental ill-health. He is a sub-3 hour marathon runner, HR Director and husband to Claire.

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